18 November 2013

OLDIE BUT GOODIE: The Count of Monte Cristo – By: Alexandre Dumas

I’ve always suspected that Dumas was a bit of a feminist, because his novels have some of the best women in classic literature. In “The Count of Monte Cristo” we have Mercedes. She’s the only person who sees past Edmund’s little charade, and she forces Mr. Angry Eyes to lay off her son. In 19th century novels, that makes her one badass Mama. Not only that, but in the end she takes care of herself, better than anyone else took care of her.

Besides all that, we have: betrayal, the world’s most thorough revenge, and true love. I do realize that it’s a big book, but this classic is jam-packed with awesomeness. I think it’s time you read it.

Bookwyrm Rating: Meat & Potatoes

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  1. Absolutely a must read, or read again and again! Love this book.