14 July 2013

Holy Sh*t: A brief history of swearing – By: Melissa Mohr

The title describes exactly what the book is, and for someone who loves language as much as I do, this was a must read. Melissa Mohr delves into the reasons we swear, and why each swear word is considered vulgar. Vulgarity plays a huge role in how our society perceives the world, and yet, this is an area that’s so rarely looked at from a scholarly perspective. 

The etymology of swear words is much more interesting than the layperson might think, but it’s also slightly uncomfortable. It’s an in-depth look at how western culture has viewed the sacred and the profane for a couple thousand years. Something in there is bound to be a bit touchy for you. After-all, swears are only words, it’s their connotations that makes things obscene. And, the reason that we find certain things obscene was fascinating. 

Bookwyrm Rating: Vegetable

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