11 May 2013

Libriomancer – Magic ex libris – By: Jim C. Hines (Fantasy)

In this addictive urban fantasy, our hero is a member of “The Porters”, a mysterious group who polices the magical world through the power of books.  Their Libriomancers can pull objects right out of a story and into their world. They’re up against several species of vampire (Sangiunarius Meyerii…need I say more?) and a mysterious something which is much nastier. Isaac has a little trouble controlling his magic, so he’s been taken out of the field and now works in the most magical place of all…a library.

When a rogue Libriomancer decides to start a war between the magical species, Isaac ends up in the crossfire and back on active duty. He has a spider for a side-kick and a dryad for a (maybe)girlfriend. So really, only chaos can follow.

The only problem I had with the story, if you can even call it a problem, is that I ended up disagreeing (maybe outloud, maybe not), with what the characters decided to pull out of the book. It’s a dangerous pastime and led to a lot of daydreaming.

If you could pull one thing out of a book, what would you choose?

Bookwyrm Rating - Dessert