26 March 2013

Memoirs of an imaginary friend – By: Matthew Dicks (Fiction)

Budo is an extremely lucky imaginary friend. His eight year old child still believes that he’s real and so he continues to exist. His job is easy, all he has to do is to love the boy that he was created by. But when autistic Max is kidnapped by a woman who thinks that only she can take care of him, Budo has to take charge. He’s up against the world, he’s invisible and incorporeal, so he enlists the aid of other imaginary friends to help his buddy. Max has to learn to see past the fact that his abductor makes sure that things are exactly how he wants them, to the fact that she’s taken him from his family. Budo is forced to make allies and risk his own existence to make Max understand the danger he’s in.

This is a great story, it’s an imaginative view of a child’s world, and all that it creates. It pulls you in, and leaves you believing in magic again.

Bookwyrm Rating: Appetizer