27 January 2013

Nobody – By: Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Fantasy)

In this book, there are special people in the world who go throught the world without attracting any kind of notice from others. They are unable to leave an impression on anyone, even their parents. They are called Nobodies, and they make the perfect assassins. This is how Nix was raised, and he is sent to kill Claire. She happens to be the only person who can notice him, when no one else can. She’s grown up knowing that she’s not normal, but her encounter with Nix shows her just how abnormal she really is.

The plot owes a great big debt to Buffy the Vampire Slayer and a few others; but I don’t think that it took away from the enjoyment of the story. The character development is strong enough to make it unique and exciting.

Bookwyrm Rating: Dessert

12 January 2013

The Wheel of Time (Series, Fantasy) – By: Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

I’ve always loved this series, but until now I couldn’t recommend it to a friend with a clear conscience. You see, this series can suck you in, you start living in this world; and this world contained nothing but heartbreak for devoted fans. First, the author decided to write prequels instead of continuing the series. Oh the frustration! To be reading the series since 1993 and suddenly you have to backtrack in the story. So instead of seeing if your favorite character (Perrin, in case you were wondering) lives or dies, you get to see how everything used to be, before all the action, that you in the middle of, happened.  Of course, after that there was the small matter of the author’s death, and we had to suffer the anxiety over the replacement author. What if he messed it all up?

The new reader can skip all of this suffering and enjoy the greatest fantasy epic ever (in my ever-so-humble opinion). Brandon Sanderson deftly picked up the reins, and finished the series without so much as a hiccup.
This series begins with a boy and his friends in a small peaceful town, and it ends, 14 extra large books later, with the battle for existence. So, a lot of ground gets covered. If you start with the prequels, you have even more ground to cover. In short, no summary can possibly do justice to this glorious monster. For that, you can look at the back of each book.

Bookwyrm Rating: Meat & Potatoes with a side of Dessert

05 January 2013

OLDIE BUT GOODIE: Collected Poems – By: Philip Larkin

Philip Larkin’s voice never gets old to me. He’s both sarcastic and heartfelt, which makes his poems timeless. He’s idealistic and defeated; his poems cover the full range of human emotion and situation.

It’s not fluffy poetry and it’s not always nice; but it is real and a strangely beautiful way to see the world.

Bookwyrm Rating – Meat & Potatoes