30 December 2012

Dodger- By: Terry Pratchett (Young Adult Fiction)

It's The Artful Dodger, but not quite as you know him. He takes on a newer, and more exciting life when Terry Pratchett writes it. He’s older now, and he makes a living as a Tosher (finding things in the sewer); along with his usual talents. One day he comes to the rescue of a beautiful damsel in distress and becomes embroiled in a dark plot. She's hunted by some dangerous men, and since Dodger knows a thing or two about avoiding hunters he sets off to stop her pursuers. 

Soon he finds himself in the unfamiliar, and uncomfortable, role of "hero". One thing leads to another and Dodger has to start asking himself if he’s turning into a good-guy after all. This cleverly told story keeps you guessing right up until the end.

Bookwyrm Rating: Appetizer

22 December 2012

How Santa Really Works - By: Alan Snow (Picture Book)

This is the time of year for all of those really tough-to-answer questions. How does Santa know if you have been good? Where does Santa live? How do all of the toys fit in his sleigh? Don't panic...you can now look your precocious youngster in the eye and tell him/her to read this book.

I loved the illustrations; these diagrams could keep a kid interested for hours. They're so detailed that there's always something new that pops out at you. And that's not even mentioning the fact that you'll learn everything there is to know about The Big Guy. So, it's both entertaining and instructional.

Bookwyrm Rating: Cotton Candy