24 June 2012

I’ve got your number – By: Sophie Kinsella (Fiction)

In the course of one really bad day, our poor heroine loses both her heirloom engagement ring and her cell phone.  Like most modern women would be, she’s frantic and overjoyed when she finds a replacement cell phone in the garbage bin.  Following the age-old rule “Finders Keepers” she keeps the phone and uses it as her own. Adventure ensues. This light-hearted novel is full of witty dialogue and just a little bit of romance. Over-all a sugary sweet read.

Bookwyrm Rating: Cotton Candy

17 June 2012

Brain Bugs – By: Dean Buonomano (NonFiction)

You know that feeling; the one where you think that maybe you’re brain has a different agenda than you. Well this book won’t help that to go away. Sorry. But it’s probably better to know why that’s the case than to go on pretending that you’re totally (and consciously) in charge of the situation.

Chock full interesting scientific facts, it feels like you’re peeking behind the curtains of the mind. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and couldn’t wait to explain some of these principles to friends and family. This is one that I could read over and over.

Bookwyrm Rating: Vegetables

12 June 2012

Tuesdays at the Castle – By: Jessica Day George (Children’s Fiction)

In a special land where castles can be alive, our little princess is obsessed with knowing all the tricks her castle has. She’s methodical and adventurous; she maps out all of the hidden passageways and extra rooms that the castle comes up with on Tuesdays. When disaster strikes, only her special knowledge and affinity with the castle can save the day.

This is a great book for younger readers. It’s pleasant enough for a bedtime read and is sure to make for some interesting dreams.

Bookwyrm Rating: Dessert

09 June 2012

My life in France – By: Julia Child (Nonfiction)

Julia Child and her husband moved to France when she was in her late thirties. Fifty years and a lifetime of achievements later, this book is how she remembered that time in her life.

This woman and her ability to learn and try new things was truly impressive.  It takes a very real determination to be happy even in the most trying of circumstances. I love the way that she talked about her husband and their mutual respect for each other’s pastimes. She had a way of embracing people and opportunities that is so inspiring.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and hope to read it again soon. It was well written with a formidable ability to paint a setting, while being fun, engaging and inspirational.

Bookwyrm Rating: Meat and Potatoes, or Dessert (I just couldn’t choose one)   

04 June 2012

I Hunt Killers – By: Barry Lyga (Young Adult)

Whoa, this is one messed up story, but it’s also strangely compelling. It’s the tale of a serial killer’s son who’s trying to prove that he won’t be following in “Dear Old Dad’s” footsteps. Not so easy when The Artist taught our protagonist all of his tricks. “Whoa that’s one messed up story” you might say; well…I agree.

If you’re looking for a great creepy thriller, horror & mystery this is a good place to start. I found it bone-chillingly sinister. To top it all off, there’s still all of the “normal” young adult issues to be dealt with; friendships, love, identity, and serial killer fathers…oh wait, not that last one.

Bookwyrm Rating: Appetizer