30 October 2011

The Night Circus- By: Erin Morgenstern (Fiction)

It almost feels as if I dreamt having read this book. It’s a simultaneously menacing and yet hazily peaceful read. The plot revolves around two dueling Magicians who choose their students to play out their duel.  Our protagonists are somehow pitted against each other in a terrible battle, yet it unfolds in a singularly beautiful way.

This is such a beautiful story, with beautiful characters and it’s beautifully written to boot. You might just walk away a true Rêveur.

Bookwyrm Rating: Haute Cuisine

27 October 2011

Let’s Bring Back – By: Lesley M. M. Blume (NonFiction)

Here’s a lovely, little encyclopedic commentary on things that have been forgotten or “upgraded” in the name of progress.  There are all manner of things that are recommended for a timely resurrection; customs, manners, objects and styles. Some of these entries make you yearn for a time that’s long-gone, but others remind you that those “simpler times” were really quite complicated. This is a great book to pick up when you have a brief window of reading time, entries vary in size and I’m sure you’ll find something to fit your mood.

Both funny and reminiscent, this little gem will cheer you up and make you want to indulge in all things forgotten. Does anyone else miss the parasol?

Bookwyrm Rating: Dessert

10 October 2011

Waiting for the Magic - By: Patricia MacLachlan (Children's Fiction)

This was a beautifully written mix of realism and fantasy for children.  The protagonists are two children who are dealing with their parents issues. The situation is far beyond the comprehension of the kids, which creates the conflict in the story; however the magic allows them to cope with the situation rather than solving all of their problems for them.

The basic premise is realistic, and the protagonists’ reactions feel genuine. When the magic mixes into the story it somehow feels natural as well.

Waiting for the magic is sad, sweet, realistic and fantastic. It’s message is powerful for both children and adults.

Bookwyrm Rating: Appetizer