19 September 2011

I’ll Mature When I’m Dead- By: Dave Barry (Nonfiction)

Don’t read this while taking public transportation or you’ll end up like me; the crazy lady who laughs out-loud to herself on the train. On the plus side, I did get a seat all to myself that day, and I laughed A LOT, which is good for a person’s health (or so I hear). So choose a nice, quiet, and most importantly a private place to read, and enjoy.

Dave Barry’s observations are both timely and timeless, with several obligatory poop jokes (which are probably why I was laughing out-loud so much). It wasn’t all just fun and games (mostly it is); he approaches some topics that are very serious issues. Humor can be such a good way to get a point across to the masses, without sounding too preachy, and this was both interesting and hilarious.

Bookwyrm Rating- Dessert

11 September 2011

Listening is an Act of Love (Nonfiction)

This book is a rare gem.  It is both sentimental and important. The idea behind it is that everyone’s story is important to all of us, that it is everyday people who we should be listening to and not just the celebrities.
Some of the stories are about monumental changes in people’s lives; others were reflections of experiences in everyday life. 

Each of these stories have made a difference in the way that a person sees the world and how they live. Things like the StoryCorp project can definitely change people’s perceptions for the better. If we knew more about other people we might just treat them differently.

The point is that it is important to listen to peoples' stories.

Bookwyrm Rating – Meat and Potatoes   

03 September 2011

Ready Player One – By: Ernest Cline (Fiction)

Geeks of the world rejoice! There is a thrilling adventure written just for us! “Ready Player One” is a futuristic adventure that doesn’t seem too far-fetched once you’re engrossed in the plot, which happens almost immediately.  It’s an “Easter Egg” hunt set in a virtual world with billions of dollars and several lives at stake.  The real world and the virtual world collide, with dangers from one overlapping into the other; you’ll start to forget that most of the action actually happens in a video game.

The part that makes this awesome for us geeks is the fact that the virtual world is obsessed with “vintage” video games and pop culture, things that we all grew up with and we all love. If it has ever been considered geeky, it’s probably in there, and it's become the new cool.

The characters are great, they’re people that you come to know and love. The plot is fast moving and engaging, and once you get hooked you won’t want to put it down.  If that means missing work then so be it. 

Bookwyrm Rating - Dessert