18 August 2011

Age of Fire Series – By: E.E. Knight (Fantasy)

DRAGONS! I love these scaly guys in almost any book, but this series is different, it’s from the dragon’s point of view. Each book is from different dragons, with strikingly different voices. The effect of which really rounds out the overall story. The author creates such a vivid world, that for a while you feel like you live there. The series is by turns frightening, fun, heartbreaking and happy. Once I read the first book I couldn’t wait to read the others, this is one of those series where it’s best to get them all at once so there are no interruptions.

Bookwrym Rating - Dessert

07 August 2011

Who Are We – and why should it matter in the twenty-first century? – By: Gary Younge (Nonfiction)

Let’s face it, a lot of us take our identity for granted, and the rest of us spend way too much time obsessing over our “who we really are”. This is a great look at what and who makes up our identities, as individuals, communities and nations.  It also explores the effects of these identities as we interact with others. It was very interesting to see someone dissect the anatomy of identity, and it makes you think about what has gone into making you the person you are today, and who you’ll be tomorrow.

Bookwyrm Rating - Vegetable